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Looking for an herbal course to teach your children about herbs?

Want something fun and engaging that will teach them medicinal properties as well as how to make simple herbal remedies?

Need something that is fresh and updated on a monthly basis to keep them interested?

Well, look no further!

Introducing Herbal Roots, a monthly activity packet for kids!

Each issue is filled with stories, facts, recipes, crafts, mazes, word searches and much more. A calendar of daily activities is included to give ideas for herbal learning all month long. Opportunities in each issue offer chances to win free copies of the next month's issue and other great giveaways! There’s a note to parents that lists the items needed to make all the recipes and crafts plus gives suggestions on how to use the packet. And, I will always include a resource list, letting you know where to go online for further information, to purchase any necessary supplies as well as books and other useful items to further enrich your child’s learning experience.

Each month, a new issue will be available on the last Monday of the previous month, allowing you a up to a week to read through it and prepare for the next month’s activities.

Herbal Roots is in PDF form so one monthly purchase will supply your entire family with as many copies as you need. Simply print off the number of copies you want! Once you’ve purchased a copy, it will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Please be sure that your email address you have provided to Paypal is current to prevent delays in receiving your copy!

Please remember that the use of this packet is for the personal use of your own family only. Your purchase entitles you to print as many copies as you need for your immediate family only. This work is copyrighted and is the property of Luna Farm Creations and all reproductions of my original work require permission from me.

For more information, go to Herbal Roots Zine's website.

People are talking about Herbal Roots! Here's what they are saying:

"just wanted to let you know that my grandchildren and i think the herbal roots is the most awesome learning tools and so much fun also! your creativity shines through hon! we will certainly be getting every issue and i enjoy and learn from them also! these are keepsake treasures forever at my house! thank you so much for creating and sharing them!" - Leslie, IL

"Very cool! We love this and will be buying next months!" - Tamera, WA

"the kids are really excited about this! i really love this month and look forward to buying each month. thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world in such a fun way!" - Tabitha, MO

"It is absolutely wonderful, I was sure that it would be. Looking forward to next month's issue already!" - Stephany, IA

"Truly wonderful!" - Amanda, PA

"Wow! This is so cool. Looking forward to going through it with the kids. My daughter is so into tea right now. She will love this. Thanks for making it. Hope you can keep it up." - Alan, OH

"I really love it! The funny thing is that as an herbalist, I never have taken time to sit down and translate my knowledge into lessons for the kids. Now I don't have to, thanks a bunch for saving me a lot of time." - Stephany, IA

"This is a great PDF for herbal learning with kiddos! I am so excited to explore this with the boys...a lovely monthly installment of herbal learning with your kids..." - Chris, MO

"Wonderful newsletter ~ Looking forward to next issue ~ Very satisfied ~ Thanks" - Joyce, NC

"Ahhh...Love. Love. Love. :)))" - Kat, GA

"So lovely, and such a great idea! I'm looking forward to working through the activities with my children. Will definitely buy the next issue as well!" - Jacquelyn, Canada

"Beautiful! My daughter just adores the fun artwork in this :) Well written and recommended. Thanks again!" - Jacquelyn, Canada

"We love Herbal Roots! Lots of information, sweet illustrations, and entertaining, too. Great for families of all sorts (even grown-ups who want to study herbs)! Prompt delivery via e-mail. Thanks, and we look forward to more issues!" - Laura, IL

"Absolutely sweet. Rich pages full of handwoven love and tons of information. Great variety of ways to get to know your new plant ally throughout the month. Fun to do for both parent and kids. Well done, I recommend it!" - Ananda, CT

"Awesome! I'm so glad to have found such a great teaching gem....Thank you!" - Wendy, MI

"Great product! Saving my money to buy another. :)" - TSS, OH

All information in this packet is for educational purposes only regarding useful plants and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Please see a physician for advice if you are experiencing health problems. I am not a licensed health practitioner and cannot prescribe herbal remedies for any condition.