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Welcome to Luna Farm, home of Luna Herb Co.

Luna Farm was purchased in September 2004. A continuous work in progress, we are whole-heartedly working towards our goal of a fully sustainable lifestyle. We are creating new gardens, upgrading our existing vegetable and herb gardens, raising chickens for meat and eggs and dairy goats for milk, revitalizing our orchard and renovating the house to include alternative energy sources just to name a few things we are doing to work towards this goal.

Please check back often to follow our progress!

Chicken Eggs
Our Free Range Chickens lay Gorgeous Eggs with deep orange yolks!
Nest Run: $3.00/dozen
Grade A Large: $3.50/dozen (available at Market)

Chevon (Goat Meat)
We currently have a limited amount of chevon available.
Cuts include: Stew Meat, Chops, Rib Steaks, Riblets, Shanks, Soup Bones and Whole and Half Heads.
$4 - 6 per pound.

Goat's Milk
$10.00/gallon SOLD OUT
Email us to be put on a waiting list for Summer 2008

Visit our Goat Page to see our herd!

JOURNAL ENTRY  :: October 16, 2007 ::  

At this time, we will not be updating the journal (due to lack of time!)


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