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November Blog Party: Coffee/Stimulants/Morning Ritual Beverages
posted on Sunday, November 1st 2009 7:46 am

i’m hosting november’s herbal blog party! the subject is morning beverages…be it coffee, mate, or some herbal concoction, we herbalists are sharing our early (or late) morning beverage ritual. want to join in and share with us what gets you going in the morning? give me a link to your post and i’ll add it to the blogroll:

karen vaughan writes about the benefits of coffee and talks about mixing them with herbs

lisl writes all about chai and includes a recipe for her favorite blend

susan lubbers writes about waking up with a holy cuppa…holy basil!

darcey blue french shares her chocamatamatelatte recipe

kiva rose writes of the wild woodlands morning brew, with a combination of herbs that you might never have thought of trying

need a little caffeine in your morning ritual? try rosalee de la foret’s suggestions for black tea

my idea of a great caffeine free morning beverage: roasted root chai

aquarian bath’s secret to a great cup of earl grey tea

stephany shares some great recipes for all sorts of moods!

aartiana writes about her favorite morning infusions


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