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Alternative Radiation Protection
posted on Monday, March 14th 2011 12:42 pm

With the threat of the nuclear reactor meltdown, many people are now fearing fall out on the northwestern coastline of America. The typical recommendation is to take iodine tablets or dip your finger in liquid iodine or betadine (NEVER ingest it). Those living a more natural lifestyle may wonder what they can do naturally to increase their iodine intake without iodine tablets or liquid iodine.

There are several great articles floating around on the internet that have been composed recently and in the past on what you can do naturally. Here is a list of my favorites:

Sean over at Greenman Ramblings

Laura Bruno

Dixie Pauline

Ingrid Naiman

Todd Caldecott

Susun Weed

Margi Flint

At the moment, I have little to fear about radiation from this event due to my geographical location. However, there are nuclear plants all around me and we live on a major fault line that could go at any time. This leads to the potential for a nuclear disaster. Because I take a natural approach and feel I can safely and effectively combat radiation with natural products, here is a list of what I am stocking my pantry with:

Kelp from Ryan Drum – I have a pound stored away that I like to add to food

Miso – due to concerns about soy, I’ll most likely stick with alternate forms of miso. you can find a wealth of recipes for using miso here.

14 Mushroom blend (thanks to Sean and Margi for this source, mine is in the mail)

Herbs: Calendula, Clover, Burdock, Nettles, Oatstraw (see Sean’s article for reasons behind this) – consumed in infusion form

Epsom salts and baking soda – there are so many uses for these 2 items, we always have extra on hand

Niacin supplements – blocks receptor sites that hold onto radiation 
If the first 3 items are consumed on a daily basis, there will be little to fear about radiation from fall out, xrays, plane rides and more.

Darcey posted a delicious sounding recipe on her blog. I’ll be adding this to my recipe book! As a side benefit to eating these foods daily, we’ll be more healthy, have stronger immune systems and be able to combat all types of cancer. Seems like as good as reason as any to increase them in our daily diet.


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