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Curious About Making Your Food Your Medicine?
posted on Tuesday, April 12th 2011 6:00 am

One of the best things about herbs is their ability to heal, even when used as food. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart and one I have recently begun embracing wholeheartedly, so much so that when I heard my good friend John over at LearningHerbs.com had created a Culinary Herbalism Course with natural healing specialist K. P. Kalsa, I got very excited.

See, although I fully believe in using my herbs in cooking, I never know if I’m “doing it right” or if I’m using enough herbs or the right herbs. And then, along comes this course! If you are interested in learning more about healing your family and loved ones through food, this is definitely the course for you!

I for one will be there, learning all I can to incorporate herbs in my food. This course is pre-launching this week and there will be lots of videos and recipes shared over the next week for you to decide if you’d like to take the actual course or not. The previews are no obligation so head over and check out the first video to see what it’s all about!

This course takes herbalism to a whole new level. I know you won’t be disappointed in what you see with the first video, I myself learned something new while watching it. I am thrilled and am going to be trying out my own versions of the recipes later this week.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Culinary Herbalism website right now and check it out!

P.S. I’m an affiliate of Culinary Herbalism and will receive a commission if you sign up through me but even if I wasn’t, I’d still be recommending this course because I have seen the amazing courses John offers and I know this course is going to be just as amazing, if not more so, just from previewing the first video. My commissions I earn through this course go to a good cause…improving Herbal Roots zine through better technology and tools.


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