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Individual Salve Packet Tutorial
posted on Wednesday, March 14th 2012 4:56 am

I saw this idea on a prepper website but I cannot remember which one so I can’t credit them. If I find them, I’ll link back to their site as they had some great tips on there. They used neosporin type salve to create their packets but since I use all herbal salves I and my friends make, I decided to cater these to using my own salve.

To make them you will need:
-drinking straws (clear are best so you can see inside)
-tea light
-needle nosed pliers
-scissors (forgot to photograph but you know what those are!)
-your choice of salves

Begin by poking your straw into your salve. Imagine how much is usually needed for a typical wound and fill it to that point.

Pinch the end of the straw with your finger to push the salve further into the straw and create an empty space. Using the pliers, grip that space, leaving a tiny bit of straw sticking out of the side.
Hold the straw over the tea light to melt the end. Slide your pliers to the end and pinch it shut.
Gently squeeze the salve towards the sealed edge to verify your seal.

Turn the straw around and pinch the other edge as close to the salve as you can without squeezing the salve out the other side. Use your scissors to cut off the edge and seal as you did the other side, being sure to squeeze and check for leaks.

All finished! The straws I used gave me 5 individual packs per straw. These are perfect for storing in the first aid kit and will also be great for building a mini first aid kit to put in the kids’ back packs for when they go hiking in the woods. To open, simply use a knife.

Optionally, you can use a sharpie marker to write what type of salve is in the tube. Since I used 3 different types, I wrote down their names on each. Be sure to wash the tubes in soapy water first to remove any salve residue so the marker writing will be permanent.


2 Responses to “Individual Salve Packet Tutorial”

  1. 1

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wisdom here with us all… I am very grateful… I’m embarking on a herbal journey with more intent now that my girls have flown the coup and i need stimulating 🙂
    I found your article in the magazine Plant Healer and i’m thoroughly enjoying reading all the exciting, encouraging and inspiring articles.
    Much love and light to you…

  2. 2

    So awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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