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What to Bring

shearing sheep

We are often asked what you should bring along with you. Here is a list of most commonly needed/used items that WWOOFers typically bring.

~comfortable clothing for a variety of temps, this time of year can be chilly to extremely hot and humid

NOTE: you will have access to our washer but our only ‘dryer’ is the clothesline so sometimes it can be a few days until weather cooperates, especially during May and June.

~light weight long sleeved shirt for working in garden to protect from sun

~heavy weight clothing for working in the brambles

~socks if you prefer to wear work boots (we go barefoot a lot but there is a lot of old debris from past homeowners that we are still picking up)

~swim suit

~work boots

~waterproof boots (rubber type rain boots, more important if coming in May/June)

~work gloves (if you have them, if not, we have a limited supply you can borrow)

~a sunhat / sunglasses




~sleeping pad and bag, pillow, sheet

~flashlight and/or headlamp

~notebook or journal

~art supplies (if you like to draw/paint/etc.)

~water bottle


~ipod/mp3 player if you like to listen to music

~laptop if you have one / we do have a computer you can use but it’s shared by 4 kids so it can be hard to get a turn

~any personal items that you need on a daily basis (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, medications, etc)

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