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What people are saying about our products:

“I enjoy the pit paste. I apply it once and for a couple of days I am odor free although I am sweating freely. A little goes a long way is my experience. Her soaps are so rich and creamy, leaving my skin and hair feeling squeaky clean and soft. By far the best I have enjoyed! If you can, splurge in a few. It is worth it.” – B. Meza, PA

“My absolute favorite soaps. They are so soft and bubbly, I use them instead of shampoo. I love them so much I bring them to the farmer’s market just to show them off and let people smell these fantastic artisan soaps. None of her soaps will disappoint.” – J. Jackson, MO

“I was hoping to buy 2 bars of your Rosemary soap. I purchased one at your booth for Strangefolk and it has worked wonders on my itchy scalp. I don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on T-Gel Shampoo anymore  and there is not nearly as many washes as your soap. I love it and so does my scalp!” – K. Lugosi, IL


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