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We are happy to work with wholesalers to feature our products in stores. Below is a list of our wholesale pricing along with suggested retail prices of our products. This does not include shipping. We work individually with retailers to provide the best possible shipping prices.

All products are wrapped and labeled according to standard FDA labeling.

Herbal Soaps

Wholesale: $3.60    Suggested Retail $6.00


Pit Paste

2 oz. Wholesale: $5.40   Suggested Retail $9.00

1 oz.  Wholesale: $3.00   Suggested Retail $5.00


Lip Balm

Wholesale $2.40    Suggested Retail $4.00


Beard Oil

Wholesale $10.80            Suggested Retail $20.00


Body Butter* (SEASONAL)

6.76 oz. Wholesale: $12.00  Suggested Retail: $20.00

*Please note Body Butter is extremely volatile in warm temperatures due to the sensitivity of the oils in the mixture and should not be sold in atmospheres above 76 degrees F.


We are happy to provide signage to help our products stand out. If you are in need of special signage to use in your display, please email us at herbalist AT lunaherbco DOT com with your size and information requests. We can send you pdf’s of our signage at no charge or for a small fee can send framed signage with antiqued signs to add to the essence of the display.

We can also furnish brochures of our product selections. Please email us for information and pricing.


We highly recommend showcasing our products with our own unique Gypsy flare. Vintage picture frames, baskets, lace and brown fabric all present our products with our own essence. If you would like these additional items for your display, let us know the dimensions of your showcase and we will get back to you with an estimate of materials pricing. Please note that each display we set up for a store will be unique to that store and may vary from our examples we present in photos.

These displays are very eye catching and will draw your customers to our products. Their nose and our quality products will do the rest!

We are happy to come in to local stores and set up the display for first time displays at no extra charge.

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